“Choosing colours has never been so easy”

My natural paints are produced by a small, independent UK manufacturer. Made gently, using earth pigments, they’re very low odour with a low environmental impact - qualities that are fundamental to the well-being of our homes and our lives. All mineral based, they have an incredible depth of colour, which you’ll notice even after only one coat. With two coats, I hope you’ll be as smitten as I am. It’s a lovely, easy paint to use no matter your skill level, and the finish is exceptional.

Easicolor mix & match palette

An interior designer for over 30 years, my palette of 90 specially selected luxury paint shades is designed to take the worry out of choosing and combining colours for your living space. Whatever the combination, no two colours will clash. So you can mix and match at will, safe in the knowledge that whatever you choose the colours will work well together - like having your own personal interior designer on call 24/7.

The Colour Collection

Much of the collection is inspired by the vast Yorkshire wrap-around landscapes that surround Linda’s home and other favourite UK walks, and so around Linda’s palette you’ll find paints with evocative names such as Malham Tarn, Muddied, Snicket, Moor, Kissing Gate and Pen Y Ghent.

“Malham Tarn is an incredible exposed landscape of limestone that comes up in columns like large cobblestones that you can clamber over. It’s very exposed and wild, and the beautiful natural colours in the wrap-around landscape of the Tarn work in the same way embracing each room inside the house too,” says Linda.

“Moor is inspired by the landscape of Haworth Moor where I grew up. Going there is a breath of fresh air. It reveals a subtle, moody colour palette and is such a meditative landscape that you can’t help but focus on the elements of it.”

“One of my ideal bedroom combinations pairs Pocket Fluff with Beck. I like dark bedroom spaces to give an embracing feeling, particularly on the wall behind a bed. Some find that a very dark bedroom can be overwhelming and so Beck would balance Pocket Fluff painted on one or two walls with Beck elsewhere, or 3:1 depending on whether you want dark or lighter moods. I’d then add Pen Y Ghent for furniture colours. My contemporary satin paint is excellent for painting furniture, giving great coverage and a lovely smooth finish.”