Q - Packaging and the Environment – are we Green?

A – We use recycled and recyclable steel 5L and 2.5L cans, 1L recyclable polypropylene & polyethylene pots and recycled/recyclable cardboard boxes. Energy usage is kept to a minimum.

Q - Can I put Linda Barker Paints straight onto old paint finishes?

A – Yes – woodwork & MDF or melamine will need a light sanding first, but not between coats.

Q - Is Linda Barker Paint microporous and breathable?

A - Yes

Q - Is Linda Barker Paint as good as the brand leaders?

A - NO - it is far better because its made up to the highest quality and not down to a price.

Q - Do Linda Barker Paints contain any animal products? Are they vegan?

A - None of our products contain any animal product of any kind and they are therefore suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. None are tested on animals. All are cruelty-Free.

Q - How long will Linda Barker Paint last if I keep it?

A - Most consumer products have a finite shelf life & this includes all types & brands of wet paint. If kept frost-free, we will guarantee any unopened products for 12 months from the date of purchase. Once opened, and to avoid spoilage of wet paint by bacteria, it is best to decant as much paint as required into a suitable receptacle (pot or tray) & not to place the brush, roller, etc into the main container of paint unless you intend to use all of it at one time. Avoid putting any unused paint back into the main container, as this will introduce surface & airborne bacteria which will often cause spoilage with any brand of paint.