No Sanding No Priming

* Just Get Painting with Linda – No Sanding, No Priming – Its Easy

Sanding = is not normally required – all of our paints have very low surface energy, meaning that they will key to your chosen clean surface without any need for sanding or priming.

If the surface is known to be oily/dusty/polished etc then a good clean with a kitchen scourer - eg a green Scotchbrite pad or similar - is all that is needed. A light sanding is only advised where a clean surface cannot be achieved by other means. Nicotine stains do need to be removed by thorough wash-down with detergent or sugar soap, then painted once dry. 

Priming = is not normally needed - only bare woods, bare plywood, bare MDF or similar require priming with a water- based wood primer. Bare plaster can be primed with matte wallpaint diluted with 5-10 % water. 

Hard Work = Never ! just follow the easy instructions on the can - all products have been thoroughly optimised to be EASY – and all have been consumer-tested over 20+ years by customers with no professional experience to ensure that this is true in every case and is easily achievable.